Efficient and Affordable Moving Services



X-Large (22x22x21.5) $5.50
Large (18x18x24) $4.25
Medium (18x18x18) $3.75
Small (book box) $2.50
Dish Pack $8.00
Lamp Box $5.00
Wardrobe Box (+crossbar) $18
Wardrobe Rental (+crossbar) $12.00 (must be returned day of move)

Mirror/Glass Packs

Large Mirror/Glass Pack $8.00
Medium Mirror/Glass Pack $6.00

Misc. Packing Items

Stretch Wrap$4/item; $35/roll
Paper Pad (to protect furniture) $4.25/ea.
White Strap $3.00/ea.
Packing Paper (half) 12.5lbs $15
Packing Paper (full) 25lbs $30
Box Tape $3
Mattress Bags $10


Need help moving heavy items?

My Movers can help you with all your moving needs.

With our large item shipping service, two full-service movers will come inside at pickup, carefully prepare your large items for shipping and load your large items on a truck. The movers will also bring your large items inside at delivery. Regardless of size, our full-service movers are capable and experienced in moving it. My Movers has the knowledge and know-how to properly prepare, pack and move your oversized items, including:

Piano Moving
Pool Table Moving
Safe Moving


My Movers Inc. provides personalized packing services and supplies to help with moving our clients. Our moving consultant will discuss your move with you, answer your questions, and reserve your move date. Our team then checks in with you to flesh out what we’ll be moving and to answer any questions that you may have. Then on a moving day, we send you two or more professional movers and a truck with all the necessary equipment to do the job. We then carefully load the truck with your belongings, taking care to wrap each item for protection. We will drive with you to your new home or office. We can then place your furniture where you would like. Whether it be Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, or South Bend areas, we’re happy to help with every aspect of your move.

What type of packing service is right for you?

Full Pack – If you would rather not worry about packing at all, take advantage of My Movers’ full-service home packing services. We will send a team of experienced movers and packers to your home with boxes and packing materials, even moving boxes, to pack up everything from the attic to the basement. Call My Movers, one of your local moving companies, to get quotes for moving.

Partial Pack – If you don’t mind packing up some, or even most, of your items on your own but would like some help with the move, we can accommodate that too. Perhaps you’re unsure of how to pack a mirror or would just like us to tackle a large collection of breakables—we’re happy to do so. We can even supply you with packing boxes for moving.

Packing Supplies – Are you a do-it-yourselfer that just needs some assistance with moving supplies? Are you interested in buying boxes for moving? My Movers is happy to be your place for moving supplies. My Movers have a large supply of packing and moving supplies. We supply a variety of home moving boxes and standard boxes to help with the process of your relocation. Check out our moving and packing tips, so you are able to enjoy the milestone.


My Movers understands the potential complications and headaches that go along with moving. We provide loading and unloading moving services for you if you just want to watch!

Whether it’s one item or a whole household, local or long distance, our team and trucks are fully equipped to handle your move. Contact My Movers to consult with our moving expert on all of your moving and packing needs and get the best moving quotes. We provide skilled and knowledgeable moving labor that makes it easy when moving stuff to your new home.

Worried about your large items? Our team of full-service movers and large item movers can ease the stress of any move, no matter the size.

We provide a large selection of packing materials at the best prices to meet your needs, such as: