Commercial Moving

Commercial moving is one of our specialties. Serving Indianapolis and South Bend, My Movers Inc. can relocate or rearrange current offices and workspaces. We have top-quality Yeats dollies for moving heavy filing cabinets, refrigerators, and other heavy items. Our crews are also equipped with tools to make desks and other heavy office furniture moving easier. We come equipped with 4x wheel dollies to take long walks down halls and jobs involving elevators more efficiently. Each crew is also equipped with a toolbox capable of dismantling and reassembling any furniture that is too large to move as-is.


We have done work for companies including:

  • moving hundreds of boxes of tax files

  • moving and organizing fireproof filing cabinets

  • transporting heavy machinery, lumber, and other commercial materials (excl. haz.mat.)

  • rearranging cubicles

  • picking up new office furniture and delivering

  • tearing down and setting up industrial racks

  • moving office furniture from the workplace to donation sites and personal homes


You can be sure that we want you to be pleased with the setup of your new office space and will move items to exactly where you want them and set them up properly. Whether you are making a temporary move for renovations or are moving into a totally new space, we take care of the space where you work and protect the furniture and your building with our safety padding and floor runners.

If you have any requests or questions, call or email us, and we will work to make it easier for you.