Residential Moving

My Movers Inc.

My Movers Inc. is favored by customers because of the care taken to protect your furniture and your homes. For residential moving, we use extra thick quilted pads to cover your furniture, top-of-the-line nylon, and logistical straps to secure your furniture for transport, rubber floor runners to protect your carpet, and our pads to protect railings, floors, and other areas of risk in your home during the move. Needless to say, we take care of your belongings.

The safest and most efficient way to move is to be well organized. If you don’t have enough time to get your items packed away, we offer hourly packing services to help simplify your move. We also sell boxes and deliver them prior to your move date. Well-packed boxes ensure we can use our aluminum Magliner dollies to quickly load and unload your boxes.


Residential Moves

Our punctuality and communication are also comforting for our customers. Currently, we are offering daily morning start times (8:00 am departure from our office) or afternoon flexi-starts (subject to a start-time window based on the size of the previous job, generally 11 am–2 pm).

Our trucks are a great size for residential moves. The 26 ft box truck with additional attic space is large enough to fit a 3-bedroom house with no basement. It is versatile enough to get into almost all driveways, get close to the doors of the house, and right up next to the garage for easy loading and fast unloading. It is preferable to a larger tractor-trailer truck because of the agility of getting closer to the load/unload point in more congested areas or narrow roads, under bridges, and low wires as well. This is especially handy in downtown Indy, Chicago, or New York moves.

Our Trucks

For longer-distance moves, our truck and crew are dedicated solely to you. That means you do not have other customers’ items mixed in with your own, and there is no one else’s schedule to compromise with. This allows us to make quick long-distance point-to-point residential moves, generally arriving the next day at a set time. It also allows us to make any second stops as you wish with no restrictions of load or unload order. We think this freedom to better control the schedule of your long-distance relocation is essential to a low-stress move.

A common problem in today’s moving market is the mismatching between selling the current home and buying a new home. We can offer you a customized solution depending on your situation. We often move items to temporary storage until access to the new home is allowed. Alternatively, we offer short-term storage on our trucks if this is the more cost-effective method of bridging the gap between residences.

Fully licensed and insured, My Movers Inc. can certainly help make your move more pleasant and reduce some stress on you and your family during an already stressful time. Let us move you and your family to or from Indianapolis and South Bend today!